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As it’s been said, it’s not whether you do social anymore. It’s how well you do it.  Leveraging social media networks to promote your business and brand is one of the most effective way to gain market share due to the volume of consumers utilizing them paired with the pinpoint targeting capabilities of the platforms.  By using profile data of the users to target your highest converting audiences makes social solutions one of the smartest methods to advertise that there is.

Being social with your business gives you the change to actually become friends with consumers and build a trust factor that leads to more sales.  Delivering the right content in which your particular audience likes and engages with keeps your brand front of mind while they interact with with their favorite social networks.

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Facebook is the largest social media platform today, with over 1.2 Billion users registered globally.  There are several strategies that can be implemented to market your brand, from driving up page likes or encouraging sharing of your content or driving clicks to your website.  Kastle will work with you to build the right strategy and manage your campaign so you can keep on running your business.


If your primary sales channel is Business to Business, than LinkedIn may be just right for you.  Being able to target users by location, employer, current positions, education backgrounds and more, finding the right decision maker within an organization has never been easier.


Visual branding of products or services can often drive more sales and Instagram is perfect for that type of strategy.  Consumers are very easily convinced by seeing what they want or need, so introducing them to what you have with a sharp looking image can get turn them very quickly from Instagram'ers to customers!


Twitter offers a variety of targeting options such as: Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends. Depending on your strategy, Twitter can be a very effective social channel to get your marketing message out there, however it's not always the right social platform, it really relies on your marketing plan.

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Common Social Media Terms

Cost Per Thousand or ‘CPM’ is how much you pay for 1000 impressions on any given social platform.  This is typically how social media budgets are planned and executed, however there are some instances where cost per click may be a better fit.

Social solutions are targeted to specific audiences that are put together after careful research is completed on your offering, the typical customer and the locations that we want to reach them.  Demographic targeting is what makes social campaigns so effective being that most users have such a high volume of personal information and interests shared in their profiles, making it easy to find the perfect customer!

Impressions are the number of times your ad has been displayed on a particular social platform.  Each social network has a unique ad space, ad sizes, targeting options and reporting dashboards, but impressions are impressions no matter where you buy them.

Ad Spend is what you actually pay to the social networks that the impressions are delivered on.   The more Ad Spend you have in your budget the more ad clicks you will receive and the more customers you will get.

Users engage with their various social platforms platforms in many different ways, each having a unique value to an advertiser.  Different types of engagement range from sharing, re-posting, liking, bookmarking, re-tweeting, emailing and more.  Each type of engagement offers a different value to an advertiser and every campaign strategy can be different depending on the marketing plan.

There are two references to content that Kastle will consult with you on.  First being the content in the advertisements that we build and run on the social platforms.  This content is extremely important to catch the attention of and encourage the action of a targeted user.  Secondly, the content on the landing page that a targeted user will land on after engaging with the advertisement.  Content must match the intent for best conversation rates.

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