what are mobile ads?

We are a world in motion and it only seems to get faster and faster as time goes on.  Luckily, with the advancements of mobile technology we are always and forever connected via our mobile devices, no matter what we are doing or where we are doing it.  As for businesses, what better place to market your brand to consumers than on the very devices they spend their days using?  This is done with mobile advertising.

What is mobile advertising? Simply put, it is a method of advertising that appears on mobile devices such as smart phones and  tablets that have wireless connections either via cellar or WiFi.  Advertising can take place as text ads via SMS (text messages) or banner advertisements that appear on mobile websites and millions of apps that users can download.  Mobile advertising typically targets a device in a selected geographic area which gives you the ability to reach consumers in areas you want to do business, and more importantly opt out of areas you choose not to do business.

how does mobile advertising work

Planning and Development

Just like any successful marketing strategy, planning what to market, to whom and where to do it is the first step in building a mobile marketing plan.  Understanding your targeted audience and their mobile behaviors are key factors in this stage as not all users are created equal.

Build and Implementation

Now it's time to build the campaign and get it kicked off!  Careful thought and design all driven by years of experience in the mobile world, Kastle will design the ads, develop the targeting strategy and implement the campaign for you.  Like all digital solutions, we monitor results very closely and apply ongoing optimization to ensure we are always delivering the best possible results.

Analytics and Optimization

Impressions and clicks are all measured where they happen, how often and of course for how much.  Kastle is a results driven agency with a passion to out perform even ourselves, so analyzing the results and optimizing the campaigns is our ultimate focus after launch.

how mobile targeting works

kastle can get you mobile....let's go!

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