what are display ads?

As you go about your internet day to day, whether checking the weather or news, reading a favorite blog or shopping on a popular online store, have noticed particular advertisements showing up more frequently?  These static image or rich media based advertisements are called Display Ads and they are smart!

For consumers, the popularity of display ads took off when consumers realized that they were seeing truly relevant advertisements with offerings that they were actually truly interested in.

For businesses, the popularity of display ads took off when they realized they could target very unique audiences and drive higher sales by using the display networks.

how display ads work


While consumers are searching, visiting and interacting with websites they are continuously 'cookied' by these pages.  Cookies are captured in their browsers and collect a lot of information about your search patterns, interests, and profile information.  Cookies are used by the ad networks to target and display relevant advertisements to you.

Display Networks

Display networks combine hundreds of thousands of websites that offer advertisement space for digital display ads.  There are many ad networks and exchanges that can be used to promote your brand to highly targeted audiences.


Once all the networks compile the cookie data, they allow marketers to use this data to build what we call targeted audiences.  These can be built by location, age, gender, occupation, interests, hobbies, travel histories and much more.  This intelligence data is what drives a strong ROI on display advertising, by delivering the right message to the right person you will get more sales.

Display Ad Campaign

Building a effective display ad campaign requires much patience, experience and a strong passion for peaking performance.  With such a wide array of targeting strategies, audience settings, and networks on which to run campaigns, it's a skill to master the delivery with optimization for the best return on your budget.


Thorough analysis and understanding of the performance is key to optimizing the campaigns.  Trying to find the best targeted audience for the cheapest cost and ultimately getting the best cost per conversion lies heavily on both display ad and your website analytics.


Once the analytics have been dissected, it's time to make adjustments according to the findings.  Split-Testing, scaling, pausing, pushing...there are many things to do on an on-going basis to keep a healthy and successful campaign running and delivering well.  If set up and optimized correctly, display ad campaigns are an extremely valuable component to your overall digital marketing strategy.

how display targeting works

a few verticals with high returns on display ads

Display ads have two great purposes for the dental industry.  First, targeting the audiences who generally make the dental visit bookings.  Secondly, by re-targeting them after they visited once to remind them to come back regularly will improve the ROI on your original marketing efforts that brought them in the first time.

Any retailer who has a residual type of service or product will benefit from display advertising.  It’s all about getting your brand in front of them on a regular basis to keep reminding them to come back to you.  Protecting your market share has never been so easy with the introduction of display advertising on the web.

Building a home is often largest and most expensive project a consumer will take on in their lifetime.  Choosing who to build with comes from a lot of research, peer sourcing for referrals, and ultimately trust in the brand.  Everyone knows who the biggest brand home builders are around, and this is often by the brand the builder has developed over time.  Display Ads will take your brand to the next level and help you build more homes.

Consumers are stimulated by visual media and they are more inclined to make impulse decisions when they see something they want, in this case food and beverage.  Promoting the brand of your restaurant, pub, lounge or bar on the internet via display networks is a great way to remind consumers your out there and to come on in for a bite.

If your offering a re-occurring service to other businesses, you fully understand how important and difficult it can be to maintain the loyalty of your customer.  With economy changes and the tightening of project budgets in Alberta, is imperative you maintain relationships with your clientele.  Display ads can target your current customers to make sure your brand stays front and center, as well as target similar audiences who may currently be clients of your competitors in hopes to get a chance to take that business.

Choosing a firm to handle your legal affairs or defend you when times get rough, is a stressful and important decision.  The outcomes can impact the rest of your life, so brand you go with must be a trusted one.  Using digital display to introduce the brand of your firm to the market is a great way to be sure when the time arises, it’s your name that comes to mind as a trusted partner in their legal matters.

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