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Deciding that your business needs to be engaged in social solutions is the first step.  The second step is partnering with an agency that understands that your needs are unique and require a truly unique and custom approach versus a one package fits all option.  Kastle’s approach for successful social solutions is driven by two main factors.

Firstly we have years of experience planning, implementing and managing social campaigns in a wide variety of verticals and markets.  Understanding how consumers react socially when their environments fluctuate and impact their lives is key to maximizing engagement from the ads.

Secondly, we are heavy social users and and are consumers too!  Having the opportunity to see both sides of the fence when it comes to how people use and interact with the various social platforms and how advertising is delivered on them, gives us the experience and inspiration to truly deliver a good user experience for both the consumers and our clients.

our process for social solutions

Social Consultation

Kastle will meet with you to discuss your ideas and plans to incorporate social solutions into your business marketing plan.  It's important to understand in the early stages what the plan is and how (or if) it can be achieved, so Kastle will help you determine what the best plan of action is.

Planning and Development

Kastle will take away the understanding from our consultation and prepare a strategy to present to you.  Thorough research combined with our experience will allow us to set expectations on deliver, budget, conversions and overall success of the plan.  We will present mock-up ads, audiences, and outline what the projects investment would need to be.

Kick Off

Now that we have set the goals and determined the strategy, it's time to set a launch date and kick off!  Kastle will manage all aspects of the campaigns, from setting up accounts and billing profiles to building the ads and setting the parameters.  We offer full service solutions so you can carry on your day to day while Kastle takes care of your social solutions.

Results Reporting

We will track and monitor all aspects of the campaigns and report back to you on a regular basis.  It is our job to make sure you are informed with what we are implementing and delivering for your investment.  We can utilize specific tracking parameters to show which ads or which audiences are converting which helps us optimize the campaigns for a stronger ROI.

Campaign Optimization

Ongoing optimization is providing with all of our social solutions so we can keep delivering the best return for your marketing investment.  Changes in the environment like weather, economy, government, seasons and so on will effect how consumers engage socially, which is why your campaigns must be flexible to accommodate the expectation changes in consumers.

Ongoing Consultation

Throughout the entire project Kastle will continue to reach out to you and provide ongoing consultations.  This is important for many reasons like the changes in environment, competing advertisers, and even the social platform changes themselves.  You can rest assured that your social strategies will be well managed and taken care of throughout the entire project.

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