what is on-page seo?

Having a strong SEO foundation on your website is a critical factor when trying to improve your status in the search engine results, and this is accomplished by implementing On-Page SEO tactics.   Using specific techniques and our years of experience, Kastle will apply SEO efforts directly on your webpages that are part of the SEO strategy to ensure we have the best opportunity to be chosen as a result in a search query.

As there are many elements that are key factors and with frequent changes to what the search engines like to see, its important you partner with an SEO agency who will always be on top of your SEO for you.

examples of on-page seo elements

Page Content

First and foremost, having rich, unique and relevant content explaining what the page is all about is key.  Being a 'subject matter expert' and carefully applying this content to your pages will kick off your SEO in the right direction.


Let's face it, we consumers were trained to absorb information via images and pictures at a very young age with the pre-school picture books, and most of us still love visual content today.  The search engines know this and expect it from your site.

Internal Linking

Do you remember your first visit to Costco?  No signage, no maps.  You just have to walk around and try not to get lost while you look for what you need.  Internal links enable a user to navigate your website with ease ensuring they have a great user experience.

Meta Data

Meta Data is specific information your SEO specialists create and apply to the source code of your website.  Search engine crawlers expect this information not only to be there, but to be informative and relevant to the purpose of the page.

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The SEO Audit

SEO starts with a comprehensive audit of the website, focusing on many different factors and variables.

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Off-Page SEO

The majority of SEO efforts are focused off-page in which to improve the popularity of the website.

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