what is off-page seo?

Just like in the real world, the more people who talk about, share or mention and recommend your business to their peers, the more your popularity and reputation will grow.  Off-page optimization in the digital world, is the process of implementing all the measures that can be completed outside of the your website in order to improve its popularity and relevance,  and ultimately its position in search engine results pages. (SERPs).

These are efforts that can include creating high-quality citations, mentions, references and back-links (incoming links from another web page to yours) which the crawlers find and are sent back to your page.  When they land on your page and see the great on-page seo, you get a thumbs up and eventually a rise in the rankings!

off-page seo factors

Link Building

Creation of hyper-links from other quality webpages pointing to your SEO targeted pages acts like a referral to your business from another person in the real world.  The more people who are talking about you in a positive light drives up your reputation, which is what quality link building does in the digital world.


Citations are online references to your NAP, (Name, Address, Phone Number) proving your authenticity.  The more citations you have gives reassurance to the search engine crawlers that you are indeed an authentic business.


Creation of unique and relevant articles which are posted online and linked back to your site improve upon the link building process.  A referral from a source that has a quality page rank and relevant information pertaining to your landing page improves your online reputation.

Social Bookmarks

Creating bookmarks on quality social bookmarking websites provides confidence and authenticity of your business.  The more the crawlers scan and index the web and find consistent reliable information about your business, the more the trust they have in you are who you say you are.

Blog Posts

Writing unique keyword rich blogs on popular SEO blog sites is an important factor in the off-page seo strategy.  Blogs are rich with consumer thoughts feedback and are a trusted source of information by the crawlers.

Brand References

Creating content throughout the web on quality sites that don't actually link back to your site, but make reference to your brand in text provides a reference to your business when the crawlers are indexing the page.

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