how mobile targeting works

Even when they’re on the go, consumers expect to receive relevant messages that match their specific interests, wants or needs, whether that’s on their phone, tablet, or wearable device.  The good news is that technological advances are giving businesses more and more ability to effectively target their targeted audience more accurately, and this is primarily done by what’s called Geo Fencing.

Geo Fencing uses mobile devices built in GPS to accurately show where the device, and the user of the device, are located.  Geo fencing data can range from relatively broad to pretty specific. With modern mobile GPS technology, a cell phone user can now be accurately tracked to a general location down to within a few feet of their actual location.

some mobile ad strategies

Geo Fence Your Business

Imagine building a fence with a designated perimeter around your business location or locations.  Now, anyone that enters that fenced off area and is using their mobile device has the opportunity to be hit with your mobile ad.  This strategy works well for businesses where the consumer comes to you for your product or service, like restaurants, salons, dentists and retail stores.  Perhaps your having a promotion and you want everyone within a 5km radius to see your ad promotion and come on in!

Geo Fence Your Competitors

This strategy is beneficial when you have a superior product or service and are looking to gain some of your competitors customers.  We can build a geo fence around all of your competitors locations and while consumers are there they can be introduced to your offerings in hopes of drawing over to you.  This also works well for 'like-minded' situations.  For example, you may be a tire shop looking to advertise your summer tire promotion.  We might suggest we target all of the auto repair, body and glass shops in your area.  And how about car washes?  First, we know they likely own a car and will need tires at some point and secondly, what do they do while waiting in the line to wash their car?  Correct, surf on their mobile devices.

Search Targeting

With consumers on the go, they are looking for products and services on their phones or tablets more than their computers, and they expect to get the same tailored results that they would on a computer.  Recieving results on stores, restaurants other services that is relevant to their current location makes for a much better user experience.  This provides a higher conversion rate for the advertiser as well, making mobile search targeting an equitable marketing investment.

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