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The biggest challenge businesses and marketers have dealt with for decades is creating the right message and delivering to the consumer with the highest potential of converting from that message.  Knowing who they are and where they are and how to get your message to them was a ongoing challenge and was often very difficult to measure a return on.

Display ad targeting is in line with most social networks when it comes to the granular level of targeting audiences.  Just like social platforms, the search engines and websites of the web collect and store copious amounts of information about the users who use them, and in turn use that information for targeting relevant advertisements to the user.

With the precision of the targeting capabilities and the ability to track everything that happens on the web, display advertising is a must for any business involved in digital marketing.

types of display ad targeting

Keyword Search Targeting

Keyword Search Retargeting targets users in a selected geographic area that have previously serached for products or services related to your business.  Essentially, we target people that have shown direct interest in your offerings before they have ever visited your website.  This type of targeting also gives a greater exposure for your brand than typical SEM text ads do.

Topic Targeting

Display ads are delivered using topic targeting, where the ads are displayed on various websites related by topics to a target audience.  This is typically used for increasing brand awareness and generating additional traffic from a broader audience very quickly.

Third Party Segments

We have access to segments of users that show interests in particular topics based on behaviour, and that data is used to segment people into groups or 'tribes' such as travelers or sports enthusiasts.  This data is collected from a multitude of sources and ensures your ads hit the right group of consumers.

White List

White Listing is a version of topic targeting where your ads will only be displayed on a designated list of websites.  This can be advantages to improving conversion rates, but often comes with a slightly higher cost per conversion.

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