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From our experience we find, beyond actual results, what our clients truly value in doing business with Kastle Media is our process of business.  Just as our mission statement says, we work very closely with our clients to provide a customer centric service while delivering anticipated results.

Our team enjoys getting to work every morning and providing an honest days work for our clients and that’s the key ingredient to our process.

working with kastle media

Initial Consultation

Your Kastle Consultant will come visit you for a preliminary consultation which will include questions to understand what your marketing plans are and what goals you hope to achieve.  The more we know about who you are and what you want to achieve, so the initial consult is a key component.  They will then outline how Kastle can (or can't) assist with the plan.

Research and Strategy Preparation

The Kastle team will work together to put a marketing strategy together that is inline with both your plans and budget.  No two projects are the same so we do comprehensive research based on what your goals are and what opportunities are in the different channels available.

Proposal Consultation

Once we have a strategy prepared for your marketing project, we will meet with you to present our ideas and consult with you on which would best suit your needs.  Again all channels may not always be a viable solution based on your actual goals, opportunities available, and ultimately your budget.  Kastle will guide you on what will work best to maximize your marketing investment.

Set Up and Implementation

After we come to agreement on what Kastle will deliver for your business, we begin the set up of the solutions on the various platforms and prepare for kick off.  We will work closely with you during this stage needing your approvals on content, ad copies, audiences and so on.  We are fully transparent with the work we do so you'll know exactly what Kastle is doing for you at all times.

Solution Kick Off

Kastle will launch your solutions and get your business found!  In some cases it makes good sense to stagger particular initiatives and we always scale our solutions.  Meaning we start slow, work out any bugs and fine tune our strategies before we apply full ad spend.  This reduces wastage of your marketing dollars which we feel is important to most of our clients.

On-going Consultation

Throughout the entire project Kastle will provide regular feedback on results, strategies and any ideas that we come across to improve the campaigns.  With so many changing factors it's important that no program ever has a 'set it and forget it' strategy.  Kastle is a results driven agency and the best way to get results to work on it for the entire term of the solution.

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