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Retargeting with Display Ads

Have you every had a past thought after seeing something you almost purchased and felt  disappointed that you didn’t take action when you had the chance?  We all have and likely how the birth of re-targeting with display ads was derived.

Your website has many visitors, who arrive on their own luck or via a digital marketing channel you invest into, that leave the site before making a decision to buy.  Unfortunately some of them never would have converted, and even more unfortunately many of them actually would buy, but just not today.

Social Ad Company Edmonton

Initial Set Up

Setting up re-targeting plays a key role in supporting your marketing efforts by understanding who was on your website and then displaying your ad to them after they are moved on to other web pages.  As they progress thru their web browsing, your ad can show up and remind them about you and what they missed out on.

How Display Ad

Re-Targeting Works

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