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In-Person Consultation

Kastle Media is an Edmonton based digital marketing agency with firm beliefs in customer service.  With the way the market and industry evolves so frequently, it's important your marketing can too.  Kastle Media encourages regular consults to ensure all implemented strategies are firing to their best potential and delivering strong ROI.

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No Contracts

We believe your marketing budget and strategies should be as fluid and flexible as any given day in your business. With the pace consumers and industry changes, so must your marketing plans.  Seasonality, availability, new product or service lines can demand flexible marketing solutions and Kastle understands that.

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Results Driven

At Kastle Media we understand there are two types of advertising that can cost too much.  If you overpay for quality leads and if you don't pay enough to get any.  Our consultants will work with you and within your projects budget, to plan a portfolio mix that will deliver upon set expectations.  Results are why we don't need contracts!

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High volumes of searches for general, pediatric and emergency dental services make online exposure a necessity for any practice looking to book more patients.  A custom marketing plan will help drive more leads resulting in more patients for the clinic. With a strategic SEM campaign to a custom SEO campaign backed by a responsive website, Kastle can help bring more patients to you.

New or used sales, service and repairs, body work or parts, consumers flood search engines with related queries.  These consumers typically have a sense of urgency, being excited to buy a new car or upset theirs needs service. Be found on these search engines to seal the deal! 

Consumers frequent search engines looking for home services.  Often their needs are urgent, so being found front and center is important if you want their business.  From emergency service work  to basement developments, there are consumers looking for you now.

From real estate and divorce law to criminal and injury law, online searches are a popular choice for consumers when the need arises. Finding the right council is important for people. Implementing a proper marketing strategy can get your firm found in various places on the Internet. Let Kastle help you find your next case!

Verticals with strong Digital Potential

Residential consumers frequently search online for a wide variety of service contractors to assist with the things they need and want for the home.  From inside the home such as flooring, windows , doors and counter-tops to outside the home such as roofing, siding, and decking, Kastle will help you get found and bring you more jobs!

Contractors and ‘do-it-yourselfers’ alike, use the search engines thousands of times every day to find the materials and products they need to complete their projects.  Being there when they are ready to use your products is key to driving more sales for your business, and partnering with Kastle is the first step!

Businesses require many things to operate efficiently on a daily basis. From printing and copying services, bookkeeping and accounting to engineers and transportation services and many more, they are looking quality work and a fair price and they need it now!  If you are wanting more of the market share, talk to Kastle and learn how we can get it for you!

In the last decade or so, the internet has drastically changed the way consumers search, qualify and buy their insurance. With the online quoting systems, the buying process is very short leaving you a small window of opportunity to gain their business. With a proper marketing strategy, Kastle knows where, when and how to get in front of these consumers. Contact a Kastle consultant today and get started!

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